I am pleased to announce that we have not yet failed! In fact, statistically, we have a greater than 50% chance of success in our first year! As opposed to failure in the first year. Perhaps I underestimated the number of other people who also like explosions? Another, even more positive announcement is the reception of our little game from New Zealand: “Very Positive”!

Steam is our friend. Steam users can see through our flaws and accept us for the indie game we are. I am sure if EA or Ubi published something like Battlecruisers, they’d get a lower score. Because people expect more from the heavyweights, with dedicated QA teams. We’re doing everything powered by our friendly community of captains, finding almost no bugs, giving great suggestions and plenty of support in every dimension. We love you guys.

Then, thanks to Bec, our awesome business manager, we find ourselves in the Metro! What is more, we are the highest-rated game within the “Best new mobile games on iOS and Android” for February 2021!

Thank you everyone for your support!