It’s 2.35am. I’m too excited to sleep :/

Felix would be so mad if he found out. I’m supposed to be in bed at 9pm sharp and asleep by 10pm. My name is Pete Casale and I am a Battlecruisers addict. 

So many cool things happened recently. We’ve got a lot of interest, it seems every week twice as many new opportunities arrive. Every time I meet a new person in the GameDev scene, I gain +10 insight, +5000XP, and +1 friend – and they introduce me to all their friends. The people in this industry want us to succeed! #NZGameDevForever everyone I’ve met in this industry is a bro. Tons of diverse characters, and lots of bright minds. 

Last week, I increased my certainty of success* to 59%! And that takes into account my overwhelming bias. Never before has it been this high. When we hit the front page of Steam, back in Feb ‘21, and front page in several categories, I ran up to the deck and whooped exactly like a howler monkey. Such primal joy had never been expressed by a primate so joyous! This, as we had studied, was the #1 predictor of success in an indie game. Our launch week broke Felix’s expectations by a whopping 1:163 ratio!. 

That uncontrollable elation was caused by achieving a 10% statistical chance of success.* And now we are way up to 59%, due to all the great stuff that I’ve deferred from detailing. I’m too excited 

*Success is defined as 100k+ kelp forest established.