We’ve got a totally sweet team of Mechawekavengers: a term everyone hates including me, but I use it out of spite.



Chimey is our Game Producer and already has won 2 awards for our forthcoming production! Chimey’s name is actually Felix but since we already have a Felix, Chimey was forced to legally change his name by deed poll. Chimey has helped us build a solid production plan for our ambitious project. 



He is a developer, we think! He says words, and I am 80% sure he’s not an AI. Dean uses his eyes to look in the direction of the present conversational subject. Dean has a lovely face and is known to smile. This helps fellow humans feel relaxed and less threatened. If Dean is like my little son in a way, I am quite fond of him despite his criticism of my design decisions. In a few years, he will join us here in the studio, when the restrictions are lifted.



Will plays Battlecruisers so much that we are worried. Will tells me how many explosions can happen before we breach 60FPS on a potato phone. He replicates and reports bugs, tests strategies for balance, tries to break the game, that sort of thing. “Quality Assurance” is the technical term, but one shan’t get too caught up on what words to use.



There are external contractors also, but I shan’t name them for fear of retribution. There are people applying for internships. We have various and impressively-experienced counsellors for studio development, capital, legal, business strategy, technical advice, future-tech advice, all sorts. Successful indies from all over New Zealand have reached out with cautionary tales and directional advice. Every aspect of our plan is fluid, but that fluid has enormous inertia and is accelerating upward. Have we struck gold?