It was going to be a paid DLC, but we released it for free because we have “good judgement.”

Now, we’ve restructured in a major way. We’ve got a lot of news, some good, some bad, some weird, some boring. So we’ll skip the last one and get right into the updates our dear players deserve.

Mecha Weka: a strange new breed of game studio from New Zealand.

To be short, we began the season with a major setback. On 11 April NZDT, a catastrophic error by an unfortunate temp contractor resulted in our first ever live outage. For a period of almost 5 days, some of our valued players were unable to launch Battlecruisers: Ultra-Marginally Improved Edition. This setback has been the most shameful event in the history of our studio. Personally, this problem was the most devastating failing of my entire career. I have worked self-driven my entire life to develop the skills needed to break into the ruthlessly competitive field of game design. And in one moment, we snuffed out the ability for some of our players to log into Battlecruisers. For 5 days.

Heuternannies may mock, and declare me to be unnecessarily dramatic. To thee I dismiss. The result is now, after 3 months of tightening the ship, we’re profitable and working on the next big thing.