Day One: We hit the launch button and the first wave of sales far surpassed the twelve Felix expected, god bless his little face. At once, we thought, could we quit our jerrrbs and work on Battlecruisers full time?

Day Two: This happened.

We’re still there now on day four. We’re also ranking at #2 in the RTS category. It’s like a childhood dream has just been glimpsed from afar, in real life, for the first time. It’s not just a fantasy any more. Maybe all those maths classes I spent drawing explosions weren’t the waste of time? Maybe all those hours spent explaining to Felix how to code faster weren’t a waste either?

This morning I was on the phone to the Right Honourable Jacinda Ardern, Ruler of New Zealand. She is a cool chick, she’s the same age as me, and she was very kind to my boy Fox once. I called to ask her if it was okay to use her likeness in one of our characters.

“Prime Minister’s office?

Please just email your query, she’s not here. The office of the Prime Minister will respond to you by email.”

Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister, New Zealand

It was all the encouragement we needed to push ahead in this extremely intense point in our cycle. We are so happy! Felix is busy fixing all the bugs he deliberately left in the code to try and catch me out. I am busy engaging the gaming community and watching every video review and stream I can get my filthy claws on.

The best part is, I feel like everyone wants us to succeed. From total internet strangers, to our friends talking about the game to their colleagues, students, relatives, psychotherapists, even to that guy at the supermarket who always loiters by the cheese section. They’re shouting the word “BATTLECRUISERS” from the windows of moving buses, guerilla marketing in the far north, making sure Nana can download it on her iPad. The support has been amazing. Thanks guys.

As I write, we have 42 reviews on STEAM, of which 40 are positive, and a ton of Reddit comments asking when we’re going to develop the phone version. It’s something we’d love to do when it’s feasible. There are a hundred other things we’d love to do too, like fixing bugs, adding more levels, adding DLC, translating into other languages, and not breaking the game in the process… This all takes time, but if you guys keep downloading it, we’ll keep building it.

Please give us a share today and keep the dream alive! We’ll update you when we have more news that we’re not contractually bound to keep secret.